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Power Walk

Posted in Happenings on April 7, 2011 by chibita

As I was walking into the office from lunch…I decided that I would power-walk everywhere as if I had to pee really urgently…then I got to my desk…put down my stuff…got my computer…and casually moseyed over to my meeting…
Man…I can’t remember anything!…:P


Posted in Happenings on March 10, 2011 by chibita

For those of you who read my blog and didn’t get the memo from another source, Mr. Esteban & I are engaged!!!  And have been for ~4 months+!

Let’s start the countdown!!…:D

Wedding Countdown Ticker

Would you rather….

Posted in Happenings, Random on February 8, 2011 by chibita

Imagine you’re in a 3-hour class/meeting with an auditorium seating:

Assuming that the air is circulating from right to left, would you rather sit on the left of:

  • Someone who has HORRIBLE breath but CONSTANTLY breathes with his mouth and CONSTANTLY sighs


  • Someone who farts (quite dense) farts once an hour?

F$&%ing Liar!!!!

Posted in Happenings on December 10, 2010 by chibita

Don’t you hate it when you step on a digital scale and a “happy” number shows up…then you watch as the number slowly creeps up bit by bit to a “not so happy” number and stops???

I do…it gets me from giddy to mad in about 2.4 seconds!!!

What?…You call this no-foam??

Posted in Happenings on October 25, 2010 by chibita

Went to Starbucks and ordered my usual no-foam latte…picked it up and there was foam…
Me: Excuse me, I ordered this with no foam…
Barista: Oh!…I scooped all the foam out…did more rise to the top??
Me: I dunno.
Batista: When we steam the milk, foam forms naturally, it’s hard to get all of it (as she’s saying this, she scoops out a third of the cup out…it’s foam)
Barista: Do you want me to steam more milk for you?
Me: Yes, please. (No shit!! I didn’t order a kid-sized latte!)
Ughh!!…very frustrated!!…you do not mess with people who need coffee Monday at 5:30pm!!!!

Airport Potty Break…

Posted in Happenings on September 5, 2010 by chibita

Took the BF’s parents to the airport last night…and before we left to drive home…we stopped by the bathroom…and now…I have two stories to share…one from me…and one from the BF…

My story: as I was washing my hands…I heard a loud sigh from one of the stalls in this quiet restroom…i couldn’t help but giggle…then quickly left…what would u do or what would u think about if u were me?

BF’s story: in two adjacent stalls of the restroom sat a-man-on-toilet in each…all other stalls were empty…if u needed to “do the #2 deed”…would you purposely choose the stall next to someone who us also doing the deed???…I think they were texting each other discussing the situation…:)

Kids (and parents) these days…..

Posted in Happenings on August 1, 2010 by chibita

So we went to Ikea to get a planting pot…and before we left…I HAD to walk around the market…I saw a (possibly 6-year-old) little girl with a bag of Swedish Fish (gummy candy) near the cookie section…she tore the bag of candy open (I didn’t stop he because her mom may have purchased it for her)…took one fish out…bit the head off…then angrily threw down the bag and the rest of this “fish”…then she proceeded to a tube of cookies in front of her…as she was about to open it…I said…”excuse me!”…she looked at me…”I don’t think you should do that!!”…she threw the cookies back down and stomped away…(for those of u wondering where her parents were…her mom was wandering around the market while her dad was buying something at the food stand…)

Now…would you have done the same thing??…or would u have just let her do her own thing?…or would you have talked to her parents about it??…I probably don’t have any rights to say anything because I’m not a parent…but I think mom/dad should’ve kept an eye on her…just saying……..