Kids (and parents) these days…..

So we went to Ikea to get a planting pot…and before we left…I HAD to walk around the market…I saw a (possibly 6-year-old) little girl with a bag of Swedish Fish (gummy candy) near the cookie section…she tore the bag of candy open (I didn’t stop he because her mom may have purchased it for her)…took one fish out…bit the head off…then angrily threw down the bag and the rest of this “fish”…then she proceeded to a tube of cookies in front of her…as she was about to open it…I said…”excuse me!”…she looked at me…”I don’t think you should do that!!”…she threw the cookies back down and stomped away…(for those of u wondering where her parents were…her mom was wandering around the market while her dad was buying something at the food stand…)

Now…would you have done the same thing??…or would u have just let her do her own thing?…or would you have talked to her parents about it??…I probably don’t have any rights to say anything because I’m not a parent…but I think mom/dad should’ve kept an eye on her…just saying……..


One Response to “Kids (and parents) these days…..”

  1. Well I think the same . You can’t just leave a 6 year old unatended like that. She is not old enough to wander around on her own like that. Well even if you didn’t say anything you spoke up now .. XOXO Pikkie

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