I Love Tow Mater!!!

Remember these AWESOME sticker books??  You know, the ones with different numbered-slots throughout the pages, and you have to buy packets of stickers and use those stickers on the corresponding slots??  Well, my brother (maybe my sister too) and I used to collect these when we were younger in Hong Kong.  I vaguely remember that I had a Barbie one and my brother may have had a Transformer one (?…I don’t remember).

Well, I started seeing these sticker albums in the states two weeks ago, and one of them is for Cars!!!  And because I absolutely LOVE that movie (mainly Tow Mater), I had to start collecting!!

I bought 4 packets (plus one packet that came with the book) so far. I already have 5 (or more) duplicates!! UGGHHH…that’s the downside of these random packets. Anyways, I’m excited!! 😀 I can’t wait until I’m done with the WHOLE book!!! 😀

Now, while we’re on the topic of Cars, how many of you know that I absolutely LOVE Tow Mater (without seeing the title of this post)?  Wanna see my collection??

Here are the diecast/metal/plastic ones…

And here are the plush ones…

Thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed to my collection!! And for those of you who see something that isn’t here…you know what to do…;)


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