What happened to even numbers???

Growing up…I’ve always liked even numbers…even numbers are the angels and odd numbers are the devils…

Am I the only one??  Even numbers are just friendlier, they’re ALWAYS divisible by 2!!  Odd numbers are just odd…I’ve always disliked them…

Today, while staring at my desk, pondering about whether I should keep working or a take another break, I see this bag of Ricola that has “19 drops” of throat drops in the bag…

What happened to even numbers??…Has Ricolas ALWAYS only had 19 drops???…or was there a time when they had 20??  Was the decrease in this one drop due to the recession??…Orange juice sells in smaller bottles for the same price, tissue sells with less sheets per box for the same price…chips sell with less weight per bag for the same price…cough drops sell with one less drop for the same price??

To an extent…I’m understanding this whole recession thing…but I think it’d make more sense if they decreased it to 18 drops…but who knows…maybe they’ve ALWAYS had 19 drops…then that’s just weird…and I would LOVE to know the story behind this number…


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