Is this gonna work??? Sixth time’s a charm!!

Since accessing on safari won't allow me to post a new
blog…I read that I can send an email to post a blog entry…let's
try this out….

I was given a new task at work today…I'm gonna have to help with
vendor maintenance entry…that sucks…I'm already really busy at
work…c'mon…with emailing steven, alley, and sometimes
Philly…texting various people throughout the day…checking my
facebook and Twitter…handling my actual work projects…ur gonna add
another chunk to my plate???

I noticed today that I'm ok with my job now…I think it's because I
found out that my boss isn't too much of a boss after all…she sent
me an email last week with ":(" when our BIG boss requested a detailed
report…I suggested that we can stall the report until Houston takes
over…she actually told me that the thought has crossed her
mind…and today…she actually said that she was a "bitch"…I
thought that was pretty funny…

I guess now I feel less pressure…:)

ok…let's see if this works…

PS…I tried this via text and it would not work…so I posted a
shorter post via text…and it worked!!! Maybe posting this thru email
would work wonders!!!


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