The Search for an Egg Salad Sandwich…

Had to run by Walgreens today to get myself some generic Mucinex D…

First of all…WHYYYYYY do you have to take Halloween decorations OUTSIDE of the Halloween section??…I don’t really appreciate giant monsters and giant spiders everywhere I go in search of my Mucinex D!!!

So…I leave Walgreens and was craving for an Egg Salad Sandwich. I have no clue where a Togo’s might be in Folsom…so I decided to drive around…took this road thinking that I may see a Togo’s or a UPS Store (have some returns to make) and I end up at the shopping center by work…

I drive into this shopping center and my food options are:
1. Safeway
2. All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Restaurant
3. Starbucks
4. Mom & Pop Sandwich Shop
5. Panda Express

I thought about going into Starbucks to see if they have an egg salad sandwich…but then i figured that I’ll just make it for dinner (if Steven permits) tonight…

So…I had Panda Express…I ate lotsa Calories…but yet haven’t satisfied ANY sorta cravings that I have…

but my fortune cookie says…”A surprise gift from another will leave a lasting impression.”…

so does it mean i’m getting a surprise gift anytime soon??…or is it just telling me that if someone else gives you a surprise gift…it’ll leave a lasting impression??????????


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